Development Process

Effective Web Design doesn't just happen
Our formula for success is based on a collaborative approach. In order to deliver the optimal solution to meet our client's needs, Interpoint adheres to a comprehensive five-step process:

1. Define - We make it our business to understand our client's business, mission and long-term objectives in addition to the project objectives. Only then can we craft a strategic plan of action and establish the requirements of the project, the budget, and the project's success criteria.

2. Analyse - Once we have defined the objectives of the project, we work with the client to determine the best functional and technical solutions to meet the requirements. Our expert analysis yields carefully considered recommendations, which we convey to clients in language they can understand.

3. Design - After the client has approved the site infrastructure, Interpoint begins work on developing a functional prototype. This prototype will serve as the basis for the process of evaluation and refinement that follows.

4. Build - Based on client feedback, Interpoint builds out the prototype to house the content. This stage is also accompanied by a continuous assessment and testing on multiple platforms to ensure quality, functionality and optimized navigation/loading time.

5. Deploy - In the final step, Interpoint will assess the site's performance and measure this against the project's defined success criteria as well as standard best practices. If applicable, we will hold training sessions for the client's staff, enabling them to maintain their new business portal. We conclude each project by opening a dialogue with the client on how to approach the next generation of deployment.